ISO26262 Process Auditing – October 2020

ISO26262 Process Auditing – October 2020


Delegates attending this course are expected to have attended MIRA’s 5-day “Automotive embedded systems using ISO 26262” course or an equivalent, or be able to demonstrate sufficient “on the job” experience. This course is not suitable for delegates with no prior knowledge of ISO 26262.

We will send registered delegates some introductory reading materials around 2 weeks before the course.

On Day 1 we’ll review this pre-course study, give a brief recap of the requirements of ISO 26262 for functional safety management, including the role of audit and assessment, then introduce the audit cycle, planning and responsibilities. We’ll include a basic quality management systems audit exercise based on review of a quality manual. We will then cover the mechanisms for conducting an audit, then look at specifically how to conduct a functional safety management systems audit against ISO 26262. We’ll then perform an audit exercise based on hazard analysis and risk assessment.

On Day 2 we’ll learn how to create an audit schedule and then proceed to conduct an audit exercise based on a given process and template for creating an item definition. We’ll then move on to look at how to categorize findings along with techniques for reporting non-conformities and the overall results of an audit.

On Day 3 we’ll conduct a more technical exercise based on audit of a hardware-software interface specification. We’ll then look at evaluating corrective actions and return to repeat one of the earlier exercises on an updated audit artefact. This exercise will be based on a face-to-face interview rather than desk review. We’ll then go on to conduct a functional safety audit on an actual work product rather than a given process. The course will conclude with opportunities for further questions and discussions.

Detailed agenda may be subject to modification. This course is not modular and attendance at all days is required.

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Dates: 7th and 8th October 2020

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