Engineer Automotive Systems

Engineer Automotive Systems


This functional safety training course draws on direct practical experience of applying the standard with delegates benefitting from HORIBA MIRA’s collective experience of automotive functional safety and ISO 26262 which currently totals over 200 years gained in vehicle manufacturer and supplier environments.

“Learn about this important standard from the world’s leading international functional safety experts who were directly involved in preparing the standard.”

This course is newly updated for Edition 2 and provides the latest insights and updates on the standard from the world’s leading international functional safety experts who are directly involved in preparing the standard.  Since the publication of ISO 26262 in 2011, it has been rapidly accepted as the ‘state of art’ in developing safety-related electrical and electronic systems in road vehicles.  Edition 2 of the standard is now close to publication with scope extensions to the majority of road vehicles (trucks, buses and motorcycles are now all in scope) as well as additional guidance on application of the standard to the design of semiconductor devices.

Course Contents

  • Automotive functional safety – what is it and why does it matter?
  • A brief history of the development of ISO 26262
  • The relation of ISO 26262 to other standards and guidelines
  • Introduction to key concepts of ISO 26262 including safety lifecycle, ASILs, safety goals and safety requirements
  • The detailed requirements of each part of ISO 26262
  • Overview of Part 11 (Guidelines for application ISO 26262 to semiconductors) and Part 12 (application to motorcycles)

Who Should Attend?

  • Project managers
  • Compliance specialists
  • Hardware developers
  • Software developers
  • Support functions e.g. purchasing, quality

Why Attend?

By following ISO 26262, developers will be demonstrating that they are following established good practice and state-of-the-art engineering automotive electronic systems.  This course gives expert advice on interpreting and applying the requirements of the standard as well as practical examples of its application drawn from real-life experiences.

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  • 11th – 14th June

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